How Business Mentors Drive Company Success? [P-2]

Md. Joynal Abdin*

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Business Consultant & Digital Marketer

Founder & CEO of Trade & Investment Bangladesh


Top 10 Business Mentors in Bangladesh

Here’s a list of top ten influential business mentors in Bangladesh, including individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to guiding and supporting entrepreneurs and businesses in the country:

  1. Trade & Investment Bangladesh: Trade & Investment Bangladesh is one of the leading Business Consultancy Firms in Bangladesh. Through its advisory services, training programs, and networking events, Trade & Investment Bangladesh provides invaluable support to entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to expand their operations domestically and internationally.


  1. Md. Joynal Abdin: Mr. Md. Joynal Abdin is a seasoned business mentor and consultant with expertise in international trade, export-import, and business development. Through his consultancy services and mentorship programs, Mr. Abdin has helped numerous entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of global trade and achieve success in their ventures.


  1. Bangladesh Trade Center: Bangladesh Trade Center is a leading business consultancy firm specializing in export promotion, market research, and trade facilitation services. The firm provides tailored solutions to help businesses identify export opportunities, enter new markets, and expand their international presence.


  1. Business Intelligence Ltd: Business Intelligence Ltd is a prominent management consulting firm offering a wide range of consultancy services, including strategic planning, market analysis, and organizational development. The firm’s team of experienced consultants provides expert guidance and support to businesses across various industries.


  1. Shaquib Quoreshi: Mr. Shaquib Quoreshi is a respected business mentor and serial entrepreneur known for his expertise in startup development, innovation, and technology entrepreneurship. Through his mentorship programs and workshops, Mr. Quoreshi has empowered countless aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful businesses.


  1. Md. Zakir Hossain: Mr. Md. Zakir Hossain is a seasoned business consultant and mentor with extensive experience in business strategy, marketing, and sales. His consultancy firm provides customized solutions to help businesses overcome challenges, optimize performance, and achieve sustainable growth.


  1. Young Consultant: Young Consultant is a dynamic consultancy firm founded by a group of young professionals passionate about driving innovation and entrepreneurship in Bangladesh. The firm offers a range of consultancy services, including business planning, market research, and startup incubation.


  1. Mentor Asif: Mr. Mentor Asif is a well-known business mentor and motivational speaker renowned for his ability to inspire and empower aspiring entrepreneurs. Through his mentorship programs and motivational talks, Mr. Asif has helped individuals unlock their potential and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.


  1. Business Innovation Lab: Business Innovation Lab is a leading entrepreneurship development organization dedicated to fostering innovation and creativity in Bangladesh. Through its incubation programs, training workshops, and networking events, Business Innovation Lab provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the resources and support they need to succeed.


  1. Rashedul Islam: Mr. Rashedul Islam is a respected business consultant and mentor known for his expertise in project management, business strategy, and corporate governance. Through his consultancy services, Mr. Islam has helped businesses streamline their operations, enhance their competitiveness, and achieve sustainable growth.


These business mentors and consultancy firms in Bangladesh play a vital role in nurturing entrepreneurship, fostering innovation, and driving economic growth in the country. Through their guidance, expertise, and support, they empower entrepreneurs and businesses to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and realize their full potential.

Business Mentor
Business Mentor

Building Long-Term Relationships: The Journey Beyond Success

Building long-term relationships with mentors is essential for sustained growth and success, even as a company achieves milestones and accomplishments along its journey. These enduring relationships offer ongoing benefits that extend far beyond initial guidance and support, providing invaluable insight, perspective, and guidance at every stage of the company’s evolution.


One of the key benefits of maintaining long-term relationships with mentors is the continuity of support and guidance they provide. As a company navigates the complexities of growth, expansion, and diversification, having a trusted mentor by its side ensures continuity in strategic direction, decision-making, and problem-solving. Mentors who have a deep understanding of the company’s history, culture, and values can offer nuanced advice and tailored solutions that align with its long-term vision and objectives.


Moreover, long-term relationships with mentors foster a sense of trust, mutual respect, and camaraderie that strengthens over time. This trust-based relationship enables open and honest communication, allowing mentees to share their successes, challenges, and aspirations without reservation. Mentors, in turn, provide candid feedback, encouragement, and support, empowering mentees to overcome obstacles, stay focused on their goals, and maintain a growth mindset in the face of adversity.


Furthermore, mentors play a vital role in providing continuity in leadership and mentorship succession planning. As companies grow and evolve, there may be changes in leadership, organizational structure, and strategic direction. Long-term relationships with mentors ensure a smooth transition and continuity in mentorship, preserving institutional knowledge, values, and culture throughout the change process. This continuity in mentorship ensures that the company remains grounded in its core principles and values, even as it adapts to new opportunities and challenges.


Additionally, long-term relationships with mentors provide ongoing learning and development opportunities for mentees. As the business landscape evolves and new technologies emerge, mentors serve as trusted advisors and sources of industry insights, helping mentees stay informed, agile, and competitive in their respective markets. By staying connected with mentors over the long term, mentees can continue to benefit from their expertise, wisdom, and experience, enabling continuous growth and innovation within the organization.


In summary, building long-term relationships with mentors is essential for sustained success and growth in today’s dynamic business environment. These enduring relationships provide continuity of support, foster trust and mutual respect, enable leadership succession planning, and facilitate ongoing learning and development. By nurturing these relationships over time, companies can leverage the continued benefits of mentorship to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve long-term prosperity.


Finding the Right Mentor: Tips for Success

Finding the right mentor to support your company’s growth and success is crucial for navigating the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship. Here are some practical tips for business owners on finding the perfect mentor:








By following these practical tips and strategies, business owners can identify and cultivate meaningful mentorship relationships that support their company’s growth, innovation, and long-term success.

Business Mentors in Bangladesh
Business Mentors in Bangladesh

Conclusion: Harnessing the Power of Mentorship for Lasting Success

In conclusion, business mentors play a pivotal role in driving company success through their guidance, expertise, and support. Throughout this discussion, we’ve explored how mentors provide personalized guidance tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each company, leveraging their experience and insights to navigate obstacles, make informed decisions, and seize opportunities. We’ve also highlighted the importance of building long-term relationships with mentors, emphasizing the continuity of support, trust, and learning that they provide over time.


Business mentors offer a transformative impact on company success by serving as trusted advisors, sounding boards, and champions of growth. Their mentorship extends beyond mere advice, fostering a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and collaboration within organizations. By offering guidance that is rooted in real-world experience and industry knowledge, mentors empower mentees to overcome challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth and success.


Furthermore, mentors play a vital role in fostering a sense of community and connection within the business ecosystem, facilitating valuable networking opportunities, and connections that can benefit the company’s growth and expansion. Through their mentorship, mentees gain access to a wealth of resources, expertise, and support services that enable them to navigate the complexities of the business landscape with confidence and resilience.


In essence, business mentors are catalysts for change, driving company success by inspiring, guiding, and empowering the next generation of business leaders. Their transformative impact extends far beyond the confines of individual companies, shaping the future of entrepreneurship and corporate leadership in profound and meaningful ways. As companies continue to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape, the guidance and support of a trusted mentor can make all the difference in unlocking their full potential and achieving long-term success.

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How Business Mentors Drive Company Success?
Business Consultant in Bangladesh
Md. Joynal Abdin, Business Consultant & Digital Marketer

Mr. Md. Joynal Abdin is a prominent Business Consultant and Digital Marketer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He holds the role of Founder and CEO at Trade & Investment Bangladesh. With an extensive professional journey, he has contributed significantly, having served as Executive Secretary at Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI), Executive Director at DCCI Business Institute (DBI), Deputy Manager at SME Foundation, and Assistant Secretary at the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI).


Mr. Abdin’s diverse array of services encompasses, but is not confined to, Business Mentorship, Business Research and Documentation, such as Feasibility Studies, Project Proposal Preparation, and Business Manual and Standard Operating Procedures writing. He is also adept at Export Market Selection, Product Positioning both domestically and internationally, Buyers-Sellers Matchmaking, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing etc. among other valuable offerings.

How Business Mentors Drive Company Success?


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