Business Networking and Promotion

Welcome to the Bangladesh Trade Center (BTC), your gateway to unparalleled business networking and promotion opportunities. At BTC, we understand that building strong business relationships and effectively promoting your products and services are crucial to achieving success in today’s competitive global market. Our comprehensive suite of networking and promotional services is designed to connect you with key industry players, foster meaningful partnerships, and elevate your brand to new heights. Whether you are a seasoned exporter or a burgeoning entrepreneur, BTC offers the tools, resources, and platforms to help you thrive in the international marketplace. Join us at BTC and unlock the potential of your business through strategic connections and world-class promotional strategies.

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We are offering following services in this regard:

Organizing Bangladesh Trade Fair Abroad

Bangladesh Trade Center organizes Bangladesh Trade Fair in Abroad, Service charge is negotiable or 15% of the total cost.

Total Cost's 15%

Organizing Foreign Trade Fair in Bangladesh

BTC organizes Foreign Trade Fair in Bangladesh; Service charge is 15% of the total budget.

Total Cost's 15 %

Participating in Foreign Trade Fairs with Bangladeshi entrepreneurs

Bangladesh Trade Center facilitates your participation in foreign trade fairs, please register your participation in BTC website. Service charge varies based on fair host country and length of your stay and other parameters.

$ 500

Inviting Foreign Entrepreneurs in Bangladeshi Trade Fairs

BTC is ready to cooperate with you, if you would like to participate in DITF or other international events in Bangladesh, please let us know. Service charge will be determined as per your requirements.

$ 250++

Organizing B2B, B2C program (physically)

BTC is ready to organize physical B2B, B2C with participents from home and abroad. Participation fees could be determined based on country and venue of the meet.

$ 250++

Organizing B2B, B2C program (virtually)

BTC is ready to organize virtual B2B, B2C in home and abroad. Participation fees could be determined based on nature of the event.

$ 250

Product Positioning and Digital Marketing

BTC Network with entrepreneurs from all over the world

BTC Network is a multidisciplinary network of international entrepreneurs and companies. Membership fees of this network is USD 25 per month.

$ 25 Per Month

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