S. Ashif Ahmed

S. Ashif Ahmed

Founder & Chairman,

Light over Light & Co Ltd, Malaysia (from Bangladesh)

S. Ashif Ahmed (known as Mentor Ashif) – Trainer Profile


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Business Strategist, Coach & Mentor

Founder & Chairman, Light over Light & Co Ltd.

Founder Leader, International Association of Coaching (IAC®️), Dhaka Chapter, Bangladesh

Certified Professional Coach, CPC-TCI

ACSTH Team Coach, International Coach Federation (ICF®️).


41+ Years in Industries like Finance, Business Startups and Strategy, Talent & Professional Development for Corporate, Consulting, Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Education & SME Business.


Mentor Ashif is a Business Strategist, Organization Change Maker, and Entrepreneur Groomer. For the last 41+ years, he has improved Behavioral Change in Organizations and groomed the Talents of the present.


Mentor Ashif believes prosperity is achieved through Ethical and Social businesses, and the key to their success is Entrepreneurs. Removing the frustrations of Professionals and bringing Light to them as Lighthouse is his mission.


Mentor Ashif values Principle-Centered Work, and Discipline and Dedication as the root of all success, along with his love of research and exploring the depths of where something starts and connects.


Mentor Ashif is the Founder Leader of the International Association of Coaching (IAC®), Dhaka Chapter, Bangladesh.

Mentor Ashif is the Founder Chairman of Light over Light & Co Ltd. (LLCo)



  • 1982-2010: Banking and Finance Career

Mentor Ashif had been in the finance & banking industry for 28 years, during which he has proven himself as an outstanding leader with expertise in people management, leading projects and producing consistent financial results. He has excellent interpersonal communication skills and is a self-motivated individual with a drive to achieve organizational excellence through building its human capital.

He led the Development and Implementation of a comprehensive and integrated Banking capital strategy that proactively address all major Finance areas: Talent Grooming, Organization Development, Performance Management, Talent Planning & Development.


His Achievements are:

  • Internal Control & Checking
  • Foreign reconciliation
  • General Secretary of Officers’ Recreation Club
  • Foreign Exchange Management
  • Dealing with Import related activities
  • Head of Bank Branches in 4 stations
  • Head of Branch Control
  • Head of Establishment & Development
  • Head of Public Relations
  • Head of Anti-Money Laundering
  • 2010 – 2015: Senior Talent Consultant & SME Business Owner

Mentor Ashif has developed Training and Solution Programs for SME Businesses and Talents, working with various training providers around the world.

He has also dived deep into the SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Business Field, exploring and solutioning SME Business Process Flow and Sustainability for SME Businesses.

  • 2015 – 2019: Country Director for US Consulting Firm

Mentor Ashif was the Country Director for a US Based Consulting Firm, LIM Global USA, wherein he focused on developing High-Performance Team, Leadership, Team Coaching & Executive Coaching solutions.

  • 2017 – 2022: Senior Business Strategist & Talent Consultant and Principal Trainer

Developed and Delivered Programs like High Performing Graduate, Sales Leadership, Effective Management, Shared Leadership, 100 Days Company Growth, SME Business Growth, Entrepreneurship Development, and more for the Talents and SMEs of Future.

Mentor Ashif supported industries across Schools, Universities, Insurance, Banking, Finance, IT, Retail & Wholesale, Textile & Garments, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical.




professional certifications:

  1. Securitization, Financial Institutions Development Project, 2001
  2. Enhancing Management Skills, Institute of Training Innovative Management and Technology, 2006
  3. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Franklin Covey, 2009
  4. Role of Accounting in Business, International Correspondence Schools, 1998
  5. Off-Balance Sheet Activities in Bank, Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management, 1999
  6. Train the Trainer, British Council, 2008
  7. Team Coach Certification Program, ACSTH Team Coach, International Coach Federation (ICF), 2019
  8. Problem Solving & Decision Making, British Council, 2008
  9. Certified Change Facilitator, Finish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) & Grape People & Team Coach International, 2019
  10. Business English, British Council, 2001
  11. Time Management Workshop, British Council, 2006
  12. 7th Path Self Hypnosis System, The Hypnosis Center, 2007
  13. Jose Silva UltraMind ESP System, Silva Ultramind Systems, LLC, 2009
  14. Management Strategy & Implementation, Rapport Bangladesh Limited, 2000
  15. Coaching Achievement Award, Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches & Corporate Coach, 2013
  16. Certified Professional Coach, International Association of Coaching & Team Coach International, 2022


Academic Certificate:

  • HRDC TTT- Exempted Trainer (Cert No. 12012), HRDC Approval Cert No. 10839
  • Distinguished Fellow, Oxbridge Institute of Professional Development UK, 2022
  • The World’s Leader in Home Study Training, International Correspondence Schools US, 1998
  • Master of Commerce in Management, University of Dhaka, 1981
  • Banking Diploma Part I and II, The Institute of Bankers Bangladesh, 1986
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Management, University of Dhaka, 1980