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Md. Joynal Abdin

Co-Founder & CEO, Bangladesh Trade Center (BTC)

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Md. Joynal Abdin is Co-Founder and CEO of Bangladesh Trade Center (BTC), a Development Researcher, Columnist, and Author. He was Executive Secretary of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI); Executive Director of DCCI Business Institute (DBI), and Team Leader of DCCI USAID’s AVC Project at DCCI from July 2017 to September 2022. He was an ex-officio Trusty Board Member of the Business Initiative Leading Development (BUILD) from 1st January 2019 to 30th June 2020. Moreover, he is a Reviewer of the ‘British Journal of Economics, Management and Trade’, a member of the Editorial Review Board of the International Journal of Sustainable Economies Management (IJSEM), and Visiting Research Fellow of the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI).

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He is considered one of the

  1. Most Popular Bangladeshi Development Researchers, Link is
  2. The Top 64 Bangladesh Development Researchers of the Millennium, Link is

………………this ranking is done by the Bangladesh Development Research Center (BDRC), USA.


Professional Involvements:  

  1. Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) from January 2020, to September 2022 as Executive Secretary.
  2. Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) from January 2019, to December 2019, as Acting Secretary.
  3. Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) from July 2017, to December 2018 as Additional Secretary & Executive Director.
  4. Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Wing of the SME Foundation from July 2014, to June 2017, as Deputy Manager.
  5. Policy Advocacy and Research Wing of the SME Foundation from August 2010, to July 2014, as Programme Officer.
  6. Research & Development Department of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI) from March 2008 to August 2010, as Assistant Secretary.


Foreign Tour, Trainings, Conferences, Workshops & Scholarships:  

  1. Global Investor’s Summit 2023, Indore, MP, India 11-12 January 2023, Organized by the Government of MP, India.
  2. World Halal Summit 2022, Istanbul Expo Center, 24-26 November 2022, Organized by OIC.
  3. Dhaka Chamber Business Delegation to West Bengal India, 25 – 30 May 2022, Organized International Conference & B2B Match Making Program with the Kolkata Chamber of Commerce, the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & the Indian Chamber of Commerce.
  4. First India-Bangladesh Stakeholders Meet, 21-23 October 2019 at Hotel Radisson Blue, Guwahati, Assam, India, organized by the Government of India.
  5. Technology Senate Bangla, 25-26 September 2019 at Hotel Oberoi Grand, Kolkata, Organized by the Indian Express.
  6. Regional Workshop on ‘Political Communication in IT Age’, 19 – 23 April 2013, Kathmandu, Nepal. Organized by the Friedrich Naumann STIFTUNG, Germany.
  7. ITC Workshop on Analyzing Market Access Measures, 3 – 6 December 2012, Chennai, India. Jointly organized by the SAARC Trade Promotion Network & GiZ.
  8. Training program on ‘Entrepreneurship and Small Business Promotion’, January 02 to February 10, 2012. Under the ITEC Scholarship program of the Government of India held at the “Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI), Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India.
  9. Training program on ‘Introduction to Concept, Tools and Methods for South Asian Economic Integration, 13 – 16 May 2009, Orchard Hotel, Singapore. Jointly Organized by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).


Local Training: 

  1. Project Management, May 13-23, 2018, Organized by Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), Conducted by Light Castle Center for Advanced Learning.
  2. Research / Study Techniques for SME Development, 20 – 24 March 2016, BIAM Auditorium, Organized by the INSPIRED Project funded by the EU.
  3. Cluster Development, 10 – 12 February 2015, BRAC Center for Development and Management, Organized by the INSPIRED Project funded by EU.
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects, 08 – 12 March 2015, Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD), Kotbari, Comilla.
  5. Investment Targeting and Trade Flow Analysis, 23 – 24 March 2010, the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), Jointly organized by The International Trade Center (ITC) and DCCI, Funded by USAID.


Academic Qualification:  

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA) major in Marketing, completed in the year 2008 with CGPA 3.85 on a scale of 4.00 from the Southeast University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) major in Marketing, completed in the year 2007 with CGPA 3.80 on a scale of 4.00 from the Green University of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Science, completed in the year 2002 with First Division from Banskait Barrister Rafiqul Islam Mia Degree College.
  1. Dakhil, completed in the year 2000 with First Divisionfrom Kaziatal Dakhkhin Para Islamia Dakhil Madrasha.


List of International Publications:


He is the writer of “Research Manual: Handbook for Conducting Socioeconomic Studies”; “Cluster Development Handbook: To Guide Your Development Interventions in a Cluster”; “Most Prospective Sectors to Invest in Bangladesh: To Guide Your Investment Into a Viable Sector”; “The Mirror of Bangladesh Economy: Industry, Service and Agriculture”; and  “Bangladesh’s Journey to Economic Development: Dreaming a Developed Bangladesh” etc. five books. All of his books are available to purchase at


Book Chapters: 

  1. Role of SME Clusters in Bangladesh Economy, SMEs in Bangladesh (November 2018), Volume. 04, Jointly Published by Bangladesh Rating Agency Limited & SME Foundation.
  2. The Nature and Evolution of Capitalism in Bangladesh (May 2017), The Nature and Evolution of Capitalism in All World, By Prof. Dr. Viktor Barhatov, Chelyabinsk State University, Chelyabinsk, Russia. Link is


Journal Articles: 

  • Abdin, M.J., Rahman, M.M. (November 2015). Joynal and Mizan (J.M.) Model for Cluster Development, Journal of Entrepreneurship & Organization Management, Volume 4, Issue 3, doI: 10.4172/2169-026X.1000152. Available at
  • Abdin, M. J. (September 2015). Investment Climate in Bangladesh: Performance and Possibilities, International Journal of Economics & Management Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 9, doI: 10.4172/2162-6359.1000290. Available at
  • Abdin, M.J. (September 2015). Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in SAARC Countries, Global Journal of Management and Business Research: C Finance, Volume 15, Issue 8, Version 1.0, Page 13-20, the Year 2015.Available at
  • Abdin, M.J. (June 2015). Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Bangladesh: Trends, Challenges, and Recommendations. International Journal of Sustainable Economies Management. Volume – 4, Issue – 2. Available at
  • Begum, A.A; Abdin, M.J. (March 2015). Employment Generation and Poverty Alleviation through SME Cluster Development in Bangladesh. Turkish Economic Review. Volume – 2, Issue – 1. Available at


International Magazines:

  1. Abdin, M.J. (2016), Bangladesh: Emerging Regional Economic Corridor, the Indian Economist, New Delhi, India. Link is
  2. Abdin, M.J. (2016), Economic and Trade Co-operation under SAARC, IndraStra Global: Analysis, On the Dot / ISSN 2381-3652, New York, USA. Link is
  • Abdin, M. J. (2013), Using Diplomacy as an Effective Tool of Economic Development, the Diplomacy & Foreign Affairs Magazine, New Delhi, India (Volume 11, Issue 7, September 2013). Link is
  1. Abdin, M. J. (2010), searching for a new export sector, the China Sourcing, China on March 08, 2010. Link is
  2. Abdin, M. J. (2009), Urging initiatives to cope with globalization, the Brunei Times on September 14, 2009. Link is


List of Columns and Research Articles in National Dailies: Total number of his published research articles is more than 350. Ten recent articles were mentioned here as follows:

  1. Development with inclusiveness and sustainability, Published by the Business Post, on April 26, 2022.
  2. Coping with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Published by the Business Post on October 04, 2021.
  3. Why we should treat SME clusters as special economic zones, published by the Business Post on August 10, 2021.
  4. New facets of SCM ecosystem and business management, Published by the Business Post on July 27, 2021.
  5. Proposed national budget 2021-2022: A flawed but pro-local industry endeavor, Published by the Business Standard on June 23, 2021.
  6. Upcoming Industrial Policy: Some suggestions, Published by the Financial Express on February 13, 2021.
  7. Upcoming industrial policy in the post-Covid Bangladesh, Published by the Business Standard on January 13, 2021.
  8. Role of the private sector in post-Covid economic recovery, Published by the Financial Express on January 05, 2021.
  9. Time for a comprehensive private sector development policy, Published by the Business Standard on December 28, 2020.
  10. How to strengthen the D-8 Organisation for Economic Cooperation, Published by the Business Standard on December 12, 2020.


Received Awards:

  1. Victory Day Memorial Award 2022, in the field of “Business-Commerce and Social Service” on December 30, 2022 at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Dhaka, Jointly organized by Asian Business Partnership Summit and Agragami Media Vision


Kazi Nazrul Islam Award 2019, in the field of “Business & Social Services”, on July 09, 2019, at Sawquat Osman Memorial Auditorium, Central Public Library, Organized by Simanto Cultural Foundation.