Karen McClymont

Karen McClymont

Founder-ORCHID LEADERSHIP Coaching & Consultancy Ltd.

Integrated Coaching & Therapy Services. Leadership & Education Consultant. Training Facilitation, Malaysia (from UK)

Karen is Founder and Managing Director of ORCHID LEADERSHIP Coaching & Consultancy Ltd, based in Malaysia. With 30+ years of international leadership roles and start-up projects predominantly in Africa and Asia, in the international education and transformative fieldwork environment, Karen is strategically positioned to partner with international clients, individuals, groups and organizations, in the corporate and education sectors to clear away barriers to gain clarity, whilst empowering clients to take back control, and to move forward in their leadership, developmental, career, and personal pathways.

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Karen is a Credentialed ICF [International Coaching Federation] Professional Leadership Coach (PCC), and a Certified NLP and Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner, Leadership Coach & Consultant. Karen is also a Supervised Clinical Hypnotherapist, PDCH and an EMDR & Psychological Trauma Therapist, a member of the Malaysian Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, with company affiliation with BMCC [British Malaysia Chamber ofCommerce].


Karen provides Integrated Coaching & Therapy Services, supporting clients in professional as well as mental wellbeing, plus specific areas of project management, strategic planning, training facilitation, policy design and implementation, change management, school improvement strategies, as well as nurturing company and stakeholder vision and ethostowards developing company culture and global vision, and empowering aspiring leaders to recognize their true worth,mental strength, capacity enhancement as well as enrichment towards successful business and personal success.