Hanna Pitsyk

Hanna Pitsyk

Life and Health Coach

Argentina (from Ukraine)

Hanna Pitsyk is a highly experienced and profound Life and Health Coach. She is trained to help people understand themselves better, listen to their inner voice, articulate, set and find forces to achieve their life goals, appreciate their health, and prevent its deterioration. As an alumnus of the International University of Coaching Development ‘CoachingUP’ she knows, understands, and works according to all 8 Core Competencies of the  ICF standards.

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Hanna Pitsyk got her Master’s Degree in 2008 from the National University of Kyiv-Mohylo Academy, specializing in the Arts of Philology (Theory, History of Literature, and Comparative Literature). Since 2005, for over 17 years she has been a responsible and trustworthy remote translator of English and Italian languages that resulted in promoting her to a mid-tier executive in the same company in 2017.


Administrative responsibilities increased her interest in leadership, entrepreneurship, and coaching. Being a mother of 4 and happily married for over 17 years, Hanna Pitsyk concerns herself with the field of health and education. That resulted in completing various nutrition, food consultancy, and physical activity courses. All those skills and knowledge allow her to be a full-fledged Health Coach and Health Mentor.


Being highly interested in education, Hanna Pitsyk completed the TESOL/TEFL Course to be able to teach English professionally to foreign learners, kids, and adults, using her coaching competencies.


Hanna Pitsyk aspires to create 3 different but correlating projects in the near future. The first one is a community ‘Woman of the Future’ to help women contact, network, support, and empower each other. The second one is the Health center which will provide health education and preventative measures to save each person’s physical and mental condition, and fight with chronic diseases like diabetes. And third one is an educational platform that would provide a new kind of education based on the reality of the XXI century and individual attention to everyone. The goal of all 3 projects is to create a better future for our kids.