Hanie Razaif-Bohlender

Hanie Razaif-Bohlender

General Manager and Co-Founder

Dragonfire Corporate Solutions Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Hanie is General Manager and co-founder of Dragonfire Corporate Solutions Sdn Bhd, a management consulting firm, and Dragonfire Academy, a center for continuous adult learning based in Kuala Lumpur. She is widely known as “The Career Doctor” for her coaching roles with clients in their quest to find clarity, happiness, and fulfillment in their career journey.

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Hanie began her career with the establishment of her first business at the age of 18. Over the next 20 years, she went on to co-own, operate, and manage businesses in the restaurant, food service, entertainment, hospitality, consulting, and training industries. In 2001, through a business platform that catered exclusively to the hospitality, entertainment, and service industries, Hanie grew her company into a multi-million Ringgit business.


In the corporate sphere, Hanie was trained as an Executive Search professional in career transition and outplacement, and HR and OD practices. She served with two Fortune 500 companies and several other local organizations. Her clients represent a broad range of organizations and industries, including GLCs, MNCs, SMEs, and public sector departments and agencies.


Utilizing her background in OD and L&D, Hanie has been involved in several change management initiatives within Malaysian PLCs and the public sector. With a highly skilled team of IR experts and psychologists, she works with several organizations and private clients to support their career management initiatives.


Hanie is a participant in several nation-building projects related to women, single mothers, and youth talent capacity building, and she contributes her time to providing coaching, mentoring, training, and skills development and motivational workshops to help these groups achieve success. Her programs focus on helping them to identify their ready, marketable skills and to get them to use all available opportunities to move forward.


In 2016, Hanie founded The Fauad Initiative, a special program to honor her father, the late Fauad Razaif Mohd Nasib (1944-2001). Under The Fauad Initiative, Hanie and her husband, George Bohlender (the other co-founder of Dragonfire), continue her father’s work of contributing to the education and care of others by offering free or heavily discounted training and upskilling programs and motivational talks to those in need of a hand up.


Hanie is a Certified HRDF Trainer, a Certified StratPad Business Coach, a Certified Emergenetics Associate & Consultant,  a Certified Business Assessor & Internal Verifier with Pearson BTEC Level 5 Qualification, and a Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. Hanie is a member of the Industry Advisory Board of Monash University Malaysia’s School of Business. She has been recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia and the Ministry of Transport Malaysia for her role as a career coach in uplifting the employability of Malaysian talent.

Hanie coaches, facilitates, trains, and speaks internationally in the following areas and subjects:


⏩ Sustainable career management & development

⏩ Talent learning & development

⏩ Transition and outplacement

⏩ Encore Careers

⏩ Diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging